The Richard Jackson Volunteer Center

Follow this link to join our volunteer family:


Would you be willing to give two hours a month to help United Way better our community?  After assessing the needs of the United Way member agencies we know that we have several projects that could specifically utilize many of your professional skills. United Way would like to give you the opportunity to use your professional skills to help its member agencies build capacity in our community in order to become more efficient and sustainable.

Currently we have identified the need for accountants, bankers, human resource specialists, math tutors, IT specialists, Public Relations specialists, graphic designers, legal assistance and Lawyers, office managers, plumbers, electricians, cabinet makers, flooring experts, Spanish speakers, therapists, grant writers, event planners, public speakers, nurses and nurse aids… To learn more about these and other volunteer opportunities please visit or contact us at or 785.418.2015.




You Can Become a STEM Mentor:

We are excited to share our Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) Mentoring program with you and all of our Franklin County youth!

This year-round group mentoring program matches different community leaders with STEM careers, degrees or certifications with Franklin County youth in United Way’s Makersapace, the Ottawa Recreation Foundation’s Summer Camp, the Communities in Schools After School Program Reach for the Stars, Big Brothers and Big Sisters, and the Ottawa Community Arts Council’s OYAA (Ottawa Youth Art Association). Each mentor then makes a one-hour presentation with a hands-on project that helps youth learn how the mentors use STEM in their line of work.  Many mentors also chose to go beyond the hands-on projects and enjoy STEM tutoring in assigned programs or participate in our monthly Lego Robotics club (held at 501 South Main St. on the fourth Saturday of every month).

This STEM Mentoring initiative has been helping Franklin County children learn about different STEM careers in order to inspire them to do well in Math and Science since the Department of Education and the Kansas Volunteer Commission first helped kick off the program in 2015!

If you and your company are interested in participating in this wonderful initiative please contact us by phone at:  (785) 418-2015 or by email at:

Thank you to the Kansas Volunteer Commission, American Eagle Outfitters, Wolf Creek Nuclear Operating Corporation and the Ottawa COOP for Supporting Our STEM Programs in 2019!


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