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Keep it local- When you donate to the United Way of Franklin County, these are the types of services you help provide Franklin County residents…

  • AMERICAN RED CROSS:  The American Red Cross shelters, feeds and provides emotional support to victims of natural disasters and fires,  and teaches lifesaving skills like CPR to Franklin County Residents.  Your donation could provide lodging, groceries, and sets of clothing for those in need. Note:We installed 6 lifesaving smoke alarms, provided financial assistance to 46 individuals following a home fire, trained 202 residents how to be prepared (through CPR, first aid, water safety, and lifeguarding), delivered 18 emergency communications to military personnel on behalf of their loved ones, and collected 343 pints of blood that will help save the lives of hospital patients throughout our state with United Way dollars in 2017.
  • BIG BROTHERS BIG SISTERS: Provides one-to-one mentors to children and youth referred into the program for numerous reasons and challenges. Note:We served 7 Anderson County youth and 44 Franklin County youth in 2017 with United Way dollars.
  • CASA:  Court Appointed Special Advocates work within the District Court to help the judge determine facts in cases involving children, serving as an advocate for the child in court, and becoming a “watchdog” for the child after a court case. Your money could help to build and distribute more “My stuff” bags for children taken from their homes. These sturdy duffel bags contain basic necessities like shampoo, a toothbrush, toothpaste, a blankets, a stuffed animal, and many age appropriate activities, games and toys for the child. Note:We served 24 Franklin County youth in 2017 with United Way dollars.
  • CEREBRAL PALSY RESEARCH FOUNDATION OF KS:  Serving Kansans in Franklin County and throughout the state, United Cerebral Palsy of Kansas provides services for disabled persons ranging from special equipment to special housing opportunities, all designed to improve their quality of life. Note: We served 12 Franklin County residents in 2017 with United Way dollars.
  • CHILDREN’S MERCY:  This hospital in Johnson County and Kansas City is the region’s only pediatric medical center. In Franklin County alone, uncompensated medical aid to children exceeds $10 million annually. Note:We served almost 1,300 Franklin County residents with United Way dollars in 2017.
  • COMMUNITIES IN SCHOOLS: Provides after school care and in-school site coordinators to USD 290 youth. Note:We 2,458 Franklin County youth with United Way dollars in 2017.
  • ECKAN: Provides food backpacks to food insecure youth who would not have food over the weekend and to those attending the ORC Summer Camp Program. Note: We served 1,955 Franklin County youth in 2017 with United Way dollars.
  • ELIZABETH LAYTON CENTER:  Provides a 24 hour suicide hotline for Franklin County Residents as well as crises mental health training for officials like police, firefighters and medical officials. Note:We served 31 Franklin County residents in 2017 with United Way dollars.
  • HABITAT FOR HUMANITY: Provides affordable housing, home weatherization and exterior home repairs to those in need. Note:We served 55 Franklin County residents in 2017 with United Way dollars.
  • HOPE HOUSE:  Hope House helps people in need by providing food, clothing and emergency financial assistance. The organization also offers budgeting assistance, nutrition, education & fellowship activities. Your donation could purchase groceries and help hope house meet medical needs for patrons. Note:We provided 2,715 Franklin County households with services in 2017 with United Way dollars.
  • LIFECARE CENTER FOR WOMEN:  LifeCare offers new mothers help with counseling, goal planning, parenting classes, adoption information, and classes on childbirth, prenatal development and household budgeting. Note:We served 305 Franklin County residents in 2017 with United Way dollars.
  • MIDLAND CARE HOSPICE:  Committed to providing physical, spiritual and emotional care to terminally ill patients and families, Midland Hospice Care includes an Ottawa-based team of nurses, social workers, chaplains, home health aides, volunteers and bereavement for families and children. Your donation could provide clients with needed medications and medical equipment. Note:We served 72 Franklin County residents in 2017 with United Way dollars.
  • TINY-K EARLY INTERVENTION:  The Ottawa/Wellsville Infant/Toddler program serves families with children up to age 3 who have special developmental needs. Assistance is provided in a family-oriented setting. Note:We served 74 Franklin County Residents in 2017 with United Way dollars.
  • OTTAWA COMMUNITY ARTS COUNCIL’S OTTAWA YOUTH ARTIST ALLIANCE PROGRAM: This free after-school art program provides a safe space for kids to enjoy structured art programming. The program is currently available one night a week and is open to 4th graders through high school students.  Note:We served 73 Franklin County youth in 2017 with United Way dollars.
  • OTTAWA RECREATION FOUNDATION’S SUMMER CAMP PROGRAM:  A summer after-school program available to all area youth between the ages of 5 and 12, the summer camp provides daily mentors and structured programming to youth from June-July and is administered by the Ottawa Recreation Commission. The summer camp program is offered in partnership with the ECKAN Lunch Bunch program (another United Way supported program). Note:We served 645 Franklin County youth in 2017 with United Way dollars and our STEM Mentoring program.
  • WILLOW DOMESTIC VIOLENCE CENTER:  Formerly known as Women’s Transitional Care Services, the Willow provides services to men, women and their children who are fleeing domestic violence. Counseling, safe shelter and a 24-hour crisis line are available.  Your donation could help Willow purchase more bottles of children’s shampoo or body wash, diapers, gas cards, and help survivors pay back bills. Note:We served 115 Franklin County residents in 2017 with United Way dollars.

A donation of any amount helps provide these services and many, many other vital services through the other member agencies!  Thank you for your support!

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