S.T.E.A.M. After School Mentoring/Tutoring Program In Full Swing!

We have nearly a full quarter of our program behind our backs, and we are looking forward to finishing the semester even stronger! We have 9 children enrolled in our program with room for 21 more elementary children! We had four high school mentors, but lost them due to spring sports, so we are hoping to recruit more teens. We currently have 6 adult mentors from various career fields, but need 14 more if we get 21 more elementary students! Right now, the ratio is nice, but we need to grow mentors and high school mentors/mentees with any new enrollments.

We were awarded another $2,500 Kansas Volunteer Commission mini-grant for our mentoring program to cover background checks for 30 mentors age 18 and older, mentor training materials, S.T.E.A.M. curriculum, and end of program closure parties. The Kansas Volunteer Commission is committed to training its sub grantees in best practices for mentoring, so the director, Leigh Hanson, will be attending six sessions of training sponsored by Mentor Kansas. We are building a “gold-star mentoring program” in Kansas that will be recognized for all the benchmarks of quality mentoring.

We hope to share our best practices in mentoring with our Community Partners as we have just put out a new community grant for them to establish their own programs featuring volunteer mentors that will help our clients get back on their feet to live healthy, educated, economically stable lives.

You can be a part of this positive community change. Be a volunteer. Be a donor. Spread the word; spread the hope.

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