United Way of Franklin County is Awarded $2500 Mini-Grant from the Kansas Volunteer Commission for Remote Learning Tutoring Program!

The Kansas Volunteer Commission (KVC) is a grantee of the Volunteer Generation Fund (VGF) a federal grant for the expansion of volunteering in each state. The United Way of Franklin County has been a sub grantee for several years and has again secured more funding for its efforts to expand volunteerism in our community.

In response to Covid and USD 290’s move to half days of school and remote learning, the United Way of Franklin County was compelled to help working families with elementary school children to supervise the Remote Learning. September 9, we launched our Remote Learning Tutoring program with 27 children enrolled in both morning and afternoon sessions.

The KVC was so impressed with our efforts to make a vital impact on a community need born out of the pandemic, they awarded our grant proposal for more equipment to expand our Lego Robotics Club to serve the children in our Remote Learning Tutoring program. We are in the process of purchasing five new all-in-one computers for each of our student groups, and also much needed cleaning supplies.

This award announcement came just prior to finding a theft of three of our laptops, a Chromebook, an all-in-one desktop, and our hot spot. We are still scrambling to get enough supplies and equipment to meet our educational needs for the students, but we have many many offers from the community for donations of snacks/lunches for the kids, laptops, computers and supplies.

We have so many community business partners and individual donors to thank for our success with this program! Modern Woodman’s Crystal Taylor organized a snack drive with the community for this program, United Way’s campaign chair, Lisa Rivers also mobilized many people to give generously, and we have had several tech experts offer reconditioned computers. We are blessed to live in such a fabulous community that has come together to support this vital cause. Our mentors volunteering their time for 3 hour shifts each week to make sure our children have the homework help they need has been invaluable!

As USD 290 shifts to a full school day, the United Way of Franklin County is planning on launching an after school program second semester that will help with homework and have an emphasis on STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, and math) mentoring. We will incorporate the computers to have Lego Robotics activities as well as 3-D printing. We will stay flexible and be prepared to switch to Remote Learning Tutoring should that become a need again.

If you would like to volunteer or give to our completely free enrollment program, just use the donate button at the top right of our web page, or call Leigh at 785-418-2015.

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