FREE STEM Robotics Club for Kids… Join us!

United Way Brings a FREE STEM Robotics Club to Franklin County Youth!


    United Way’s STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) program is expanding with exciting changes this year!

    In addition to the FREE STEM LEGO Robotics club held on the 3rd Saturday of each month, Derrick Larcom from the Ottawa Library’s technology department will be offering classes that will encourage the club participants to take their skills further to build and code their own LEGO creations! Mr. Larcom will also be teaching a FREE 3-D printing design class where students will be able to take their creations to the OYAA art club and print real 3-D objects and creations!

    In conjunction with the Library and the Ottawa Community Arts Council, the STEM United Youth mentoring program is an inspiring endeavor designed to help our community youth set high career goals for their future!

    The LEGO Robotics Club has these qualified mentors working one-on-one with the students:

Dr. Jeff Kelley:  Psychometrician

Lori Kelley:  Former Family Lawyer with law degree from Washburn University

Stan Grigsby:  Physics Professor at Ottawa University

Gene Beauchamp:  Degree in Agriculture Economics.  Currently in Systems and development of packaging systems with Robotics

Leigh Hanson:  Bachelor of Science Degree in Art Education, STEM Volunteer Coordinator for the UW, and Art Education Program Director for the Ottawa Community Arts Council

Derrick Larcom:   Ottawa Library’s IT Specialist. He has a BS in Information Technology with a certificate in Advanced Software Design. He has spent 12+ years working with USD290 students and computers either through the Alternative School programs or as a building level Technology Aide. He enjoys 3d printing and is currently working on wiring, designing, and printing a replica MSE-06 “Mouse” Droid from Star Wars with his son.

Meg Pearson:  Executive Director for the United Way of Franklin County

Josh Pearson:  Former Nuclear Power Plant Operator with a background in Computer Science and Electrical Engineering

    The STEM LEGO Robotics Club meets one Saturday a month from 10 a.m. to noon at the Carnegie Building at 5th and Main in Ottawa. Club meeting dates this year include: May 26, June 23, July 21, August 25, September 22, and October 20.

    Check with the Ottawa Library to register for this summer’s robotics and 3-D design classes.  For more information contact United Way at or (785) 418-2015.