The 2016 Sumo Event Raised $14,000!

This week was National Volunteer Week! Therefore, United Way would like to send out a big, big, BIG thank you to the many, many volunteers who made the Sumo Wrestling Invitational a HUGE success.

HAPPY VOLUNTEER WEEK! You truly made a difference Sumo wrestlers (see attachment), Sumo Champion John Buckman from Wal-Mart D.C., Ottawa University Lady Braves, Coach Bruce Tate, Nick Couzin & Griffin Hughes w/ KUJH-TV, Dave Edwards w/ KOFO, Hunter Collins and the OXD guys, the Ottawa University Dance Team, singer Ashlyn Tomeczek, actor Aaron Harshaw, , the Member Agency concession stand workers, Brandon Bedell, Cathy Hinderliter, Misty Kems, Cindy Novinger, Nell King, Terry Chartier, Glora Mathews, Donyell Wolfe, Gayla Wilkins, and Kristin Hough!

With your help and the help of our many sponsors and supporters we raised $14,000!

The Brackets are in…. Who will the 2016 Sumo Champion be?


6:00 to 8:00 p.m.

Wilson Field House at Ottawa University
Ottawa, KS 66067

Tickets sold at the door:
· Child and student admission: $1.00 per person
· General admission: $5.00 per person
· Floor seats (front rows): $10 per person
· Box seats: $25 per person (box seats will include free snacks, drinks and a personal attendant)

Sumo Bracket Rules-
1. Hit print on this page- to get the March Madness style brackets!

2. Complete the bracket sheet- try to predict the winners, fill in the time for the tie breaker and add your name and phone number.

3. Brackets will be available to the public on April 15th and must be turned in at the event, April 15th before the first match.

4. You may submit up to five brackets per person at the event– donations appreciated!!!!!

5. All brackets must be turned in prior to the first match (at the event between 5:30 and when the first match begins) and NO brackets will be accepted after the first match has begun!!!!

6. An award of $200 in Ottawa Chamber bucks will be given to the person with the most accurate bracket.

Meg Pearson
United Way of Franklin County
434 South Main Street
P.O. Box 233
Ottawa, KS 66067
Work: (785) 418-2015