STEM United Youth Project

STEM United Youth Project


We are excited to promote our Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) Mentoring program!  Our pilot program began during the Ottawa Recreation Center’s Summer Playground Program in 2015. Every week during the Summer Playground Program, a different community leader made a one hour presentation with a hands-on project about how they use STEM in their line of work.  A new and different presentation was given to a group of ten 5-12 year old kids twice a week.

Due to the success of our pilot program, our STEM Mentoring program is now reaching Franklin County’s youth throughout the full year and at many partner agency sites. The Ottawa Recreation Foundation’s Summer Camp, Communities in Schools After School Program Reach for the Stars, Big Brothers and Big Sisters, and the Ottawa Community Arts Council’s OYAA (Ottawa Youth Art Association), The Ottawa Library and Wellsville Library have all agreed to be a part of the STEM United Youth Project this year.

The STEM Mentoring initiative helps expose Franklin County children to different people with STEM careers in order to inspire them to do well in Math and Science and encourage them to set post High School goals for their future.

If you and your company are interested in participating in this wonderful initiative, please contact us by phone at:  (785) 418-2015 or by email at:

For more information on the STEM United Youth Project, please click the link below:

STEM United Youth Project Information


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