Welcome to the 2015 United Way Campaign!

For decades, United Way has improved the lives of thousands of Franklin County residents. Today, United Way of Franklin County is focused on programs and initiatives that support the building blocks of for education, healthy lifestyles, and poverty reduction via the services provided by our trusted member agency partners.

Beyond funding 16 local agencies, United Way and local volunteers have convened community partners in initiatives that address issues affecting our community as a whole. Each and every one of us, no matter where we are in life’s journey, hopes that tomorrow will bring something brighter for those we care about and for ourselves.  Just as individuals have hopes, United Way has hopes for our community as well. Imagine a healthy, vibrant community where


…every child feels safe at home and at school

…every family has food on their table

…every individual has the tools to recover from a disaster

…everyone knows where to turn when they need help and

…everyone has a warm place to call their home.

When hope is in short supply, United Way and its member agencies are there, making a difference in the lives of individuals and families throughout Franklin County.  The United Way focuses its work and efforts in the following areas:


  • addressing vital human needs such as hunger, housing and health;
  • ensuring that children and youth have a chance to succeed and
  • helping families become financially stable and have the tools to recover from disaster


In these ways and more, United Way is improving lives across the county.  As you contemplate your charitable giving this year, please support of United Way, and please know that your gift at any level will be greatly appreciated.  We all win when an elderly person receives a hot meal, a child succeeds in school and when families are financially stable and in good health. I hope you will join me in supporting the United Way of Franklin County- together we can accomplish more than any one single group can accomplish on its own. 

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