Hello!  Thank you for visiting our website!  With your help we can meet our goal to raise $160,000 this year.  Please take a second to click on the tab called “United Way Member Agencies” or watch the video above in order to review the list of nonprofits in our community that make up the United Way of Franklin County Association (please note that ECKAN is a new member agency as of January 1st, 2014).   As you can see, funds raised by United Way of Franklin County help provide services to our most vulnerable populations (most of whom are babies, children or elderly).  Through the collaborative efforts of our 16 member agencies United Way of Franklin County serves approximation 15,000 Franklin County residents a year (1 in ever 2 people in our community).  If you currently live in Franklin County or grew up here you can help us provide the most basic needs to someone you know and love by simply making a donation today.  To do so please click the “donate now” button or mail money order or check to:

United Way of Franklin County Association

P.O. Box 233

Ottawa, KS 66067

Because of you someone who wouldn’t have had a meal is eating today and someone else has enough diapers for their baby.  We thank you for your support!